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Our Green Initiative

At Nana Jacqueline, we love the earth, and are making a conscious effort to incorporate sustainability into everything we do

Reducing Carbon Footprint

To celebrate our love for nature, we are making it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting carbon emissions

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To start this process, we've officially partnered with Cloverly.

With each order placed we'll simply purchase renewable energy offsets based on your shipments weight and destination. Cloverly will then invest in carbon offset projects near you. 


What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting involves calculating the amount of carbon emissions generated by a particular activity (such as shipping a package) and then purchasing an instrument that pays for sequestering the same amount of carbon elsewhere in the environment.

Removing an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere in the environment has the same net impact as if your emissions didn't occur. 

What instruments does Cloverly use to offset carbon emissions?

The instruments that Cloverly uses fall into 2 main categories: carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

For a current list of the offset and Renewable Energy Credit projects in Cloverly's portfolio and an interactive map showing their locations, go to dashboard.cloverly.com/offsets.

Are the carbon offsets verified?

Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the American Carbon Registry (ACR), and other internationally recognized organizations ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the offsets.These entities ensure that the carbon savings would not have happened without the offset project and that the project would not have happened without the ability to sell carbon offsets.