NJ | Halo Dinner Party in NY

NJ | Halo Dinner Party in NY

La Rouge

Wine-red dresses set the mood for the Halo dinner party. This sexy and unconventional style paired with gorgeous, bold jewelry makes a statement for an unforgettable night.  - @lisanicolejames

Shop the look: Gigi Dress (Red)

Seductive Secrets

Resist temptation. This gorgeous blazer dress features a secret hidden at the waist. The overall vibe is sexy, seductive, and eye-catching. Make it yours. -@christinaelezaj

Shop the look: Sahara Blazer

Time To Dance

Allow the music to move your soul and show off your gorgeous body. The golden halo inspires an infectious energy as soon as it reaches the light. Dazzle in a breathtaking little black dress and bring fire to the dance floor. -@lilyloomis

Shop the look: Adeline Dress (Black)

Attractive Danger

She is synonymous with wild beauty. Luxurious black velvet wraps her body and hugs her perfect curves. She is lively and charming, but mysterious and sexy. Allow her to show you her true colors under the spotlight. -@lucyraemcfadin

Shop the look: Sahara Top w/ Gloves

Fire Rose

The night is young and the party is full of life. She shows up in a wine-red gown that resembles love and lust. The metal rings add a bit of edge to leave you wanting more. Try to find a prettier rose.  -@faithharperr

Shop the look: Omaira Dress (Red)

Subtle Lust

Subtle statements go a long way. Slip on something sexy and sweet that showcases undeniable style. Turn on the confidence and own the night. All you need is a halo. -@rubylyn_

Shop the look: Sabrina Mini Dress

Dazzling Girl

Classic like black and gold, tempting like an NJ girl. Turn heads with eye-catching rings and leave them wanting more. She’s dazzling under the moonlight and losing track of time. She’ll never forget her sense of self. -@casimere

Shop the look: Chiara Dress