NJ | Turning NJ Girls into Barbie Girls

NJ | Turning NJ Girls into Barbie Girls

Barbie is the fashion trend of the summer! With the massive promotion of the Barbie movie nationwide, fashion inspiration has also benefited in a sweet and dreamy way.

When it comes to Barbie, people can't help but think of all kinds of extremely feminine elements, from the form-fitting dresses to the delicate and dreamy makeup, everyone can become Barbie with a little power from the color pink.

But for Barbie style, it is far from enough to stack pink elements blindly. It is more important to pay attention to the layout and overall aesthetic of each piece. From the stills of "Barbie" played by Margot Robbie, it is not difficult to find that she always wears a dress with a very prominent figure, and will maintain an appropriate degree of skin exposure. In addition, the consistent fashionable element in Barbie's style is bold bling. Whether it is the fabric or accessory details of the clothing itself, the use of gorgeous and sweet elements express the beauty of women.

With its feminine and retro styles, the Nana Jacqueline brand has become the choice for a new generation of Barbie girls to get the look. The brand showcases a wonderful, achievable Barbie world through high-quality textured lace, exquisitely cut zircon, and delicate and skin-friendly fabrics.

Let's take a look at the dream wardrobe of NJ girls!

Shay Mitchell in Nana Jacqueline

The tender pink suit skirt creates a delicate look. The combination of retro bubble sleeves and sweet bows is rich in feminine power. The large gemstone buttons echo the exquisite waist design, which not only expresses the girl's soft romance, but also shows the beauty of independence and self-confidence.

Lovelyz member, Mi Joo Lee in Nana Jacqueline

The romantic rose jacquard and gentle lace are intertwined with charm, like a Barbie doll. The wavy high-waisted skirt reveals long slender legs, and the design of the bandeau and lace releases a sexy and playful side, showcasing a layered vibe.

Tiffany Young in Nana Jacqueline

The conspicuous large bow ribbon decoration is extremely exquisite and elegant, while the slightly sexy one-shoulder design reveals a sweet temptation. The shiny fabric is dreamy and flexible, which instantly gives the girl a glorious beauty.

Mai Davikah in Nana Jacqueline

The swaying floral skirt is like a blooming flower, sweet and vivid. The diamond sling design perfectly fits the body line, and the appropriate skin exposure shows the softness of women. The two-piece waist design better highlights the beautiful youthful atmosphere.

The release of the Barbie movie subverted people's inherent impression of the term "Barbie." She was no longer the little girl with delicate and perfect hair. In the story of real life, she became a woman who moved with grace and authenticity. The word Barbie is no longer limited to describing petite and fashionable women, but just women of all shapes and sizes and views. As long as she is brave enough, no matter what others say, she is capable. This is the real Barbie way. Life is a fairytale, may everyone be Barbie in their own mind.