Tribute Icon | 1960s Style Queens

Tribute Icon | 1960s Style Queens

Our Summer Night's Dream Collection was inspired by various classic beauties of the 1960s, but the greatest muse of them all was the Queen of 60's Style. 

You could find her dressed in a sleek, exquisite suit wearing her signature pillow hat. She was an elegant and trendy icon of the 60s known for her classy and daring fashion. 

She was the First Lady of the United States and her name was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Jackie O. was a model of courage and dignity and represented the shining the glory of the American woman. We will always remember her contributions not only to fashion but society as well. Those iconic moments of her stepping off planes in typical Jackie O. style are forever in our memories.

Our Summer Night's Dream Collection was inspired by Old Hollywood films, nostalgic classic cars, and retro rich colors that take us back to the 60s. Although Jackie O. was our greatest muse, we were inspired by other 1960s beauty icons, such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. We loved how Marilyn Monroe was both fashionable and sexy for her time. So we combined the elegance of Jackie Kennedy and Monroe's bombshell sex appeal. These elements created our new series for Nana Jacqueline. 


"While Audrey is pleasant, Duchess of Windsor extravagant, Jacqueline has defined modern fashion, the fashion world has no one like her tremendous influence on the fashion of the 1960s."  - Time Magazine, 2001

Jackie O. was not only a beautiful woman in the traditional sense, but she also understood style. She knew how to make the clothing fit with her temperament and personality. You will see that many of our past collections pay tribute to her, which is what Nana Jacqueline strives to express: fashion is changeable, and style is timeless.

Even now, many female members of the royal family have followed her Jackie O.'s style. She created the unique 'Jackie Look'. With the utmost excellent taste, she is "the most fashionable First Lady in history". Jacqueline changed the image of "First Lady". Some people said that she brought the majesty of the nobility.

Noble temperament, elegant manners, a beautiful mind, independent and intelligent personality, and extraordinary diplomatic ability makes her difficult to surpass.

 equally confident, intelligent, sexy and exquisite with a passion for career and full of life.


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