The Sweet Weekend With Nothing To Do

The Sweet Weekend With Nothing To Do

A memorable excerpt from the movie "EAT PRAY LOVE" comes to mind, when Julia Roberts is attracted to sexy pajamas showcased in the window of a shop in a strange country. She thinks since she lives alone, who would she wear these pajamas for? Friends of the same line say: FOR YOU...



When the scene changed to the next day: she was sitting on the carpet delicately in her favourite pajamas, and told herself very ceremonially: The sweetness...of doing nothing.



It's another weekend, there are no crowded subway stations in the morning, no overwhelming work tasks, life is so much more interesting, today I want to share some sweet ways of how to spend a happy weekend.


1) Create Your Own Picnic


Probably the most frequently heard among friends this year is
"picnic on the weekend!"
Retro-style picnic cloths are neatly arranged with favorite fruits. Rattan baskets and cutlery plate red wine glasses are the basic configuration. The sweet and sour cream bread and lemonade bring a strong sense of satisfaction to the taste buds.






The Nana Jacqueline white silk corset details lace stitching, high-level tailoring and strapping elements that all show the exquisite luxury of the single product. Paired with wide-leg jeans, this look is the perfect outfit for a summer picnic.





Complete your look by adding chic details such as a straw basket and kitten heels. You'll be photo ready for a romantic and stylish for a picnic.



2) Garden Happy Hour



The quiet afternoon sun is warm and sweet, you invite two or three friends to enjoy a cozy afternoon tea, crisp and fresh crepe rolls, mellow and rich coffee, hand-baked British scones, in an all afternoon tea indispensable role.











Pearlescent shirts are rendered with exquisiteness in the sun. The polka dot prints are decorated with noble silk fabrics, echoing the shorts underneath, lengthening the proportion of height. High-heeled sandals and rainbow shoulder bags are essential pairing items, adding the essence to a fashionable girl.






3) Create Your Own Summer Spa



Although life is difficult, don't forget to take care of yourself, create a romantic encounter for the skin and petals, and feel the gentleness of the summer weekend from the inside out.





Don’t forget to put on your favourite pajamas to feel fully relaxed and at peace.  enjoy the “exquisite luxury” that life should have.





The satin texture of the Nana Jacqueline silk pajamas is matched with light lace, and sexy backless detail. What is more eye-catching is the bust covered by the noble heart-shaped silk fabric.





3) Journal & Reflect In Bed


Find a quiet space for the weekend, make it your comfort zone. Like a warm bed, a simple bed with mists of soft aroma. Creating a French, romantic and luxurious atmosphere.


Just like the actress of "EAT PRAY LOVE", you can spend your lazy moments in your pajamas and create a space that keeps you smiling on the weekend.







Nana Jacqueline's 2020 Summer of Glaze Series includes this beautiful Angel's Dream lace strappy pajamas. The pure and noble lace reflects the smooth and delicate skin under the soft light, and the strap design adds sweetness to the look. 





Let's embrace every moment creating a beautiful life full of luxury and love made just for you!




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