Summer Of Glaze | Nana Jacqueline's New Summer Series "520" Inspired by American Photographer Silm Aaron

Summer Of Glaze | Nana Jacqueline's New Summer Series "520" Inspired by American Photographer Silm Aaron

Are you missing a summer vacation in a city with the sea doing nothing from early morning to night?

"Blowing along the seaside" is a pleasant life under the lens of the famous American photographer Slim Aarons. His representative works have frozen the European and American period in the 19th century.

The orange and warm sunlight, colorful butterflies, blue sky and ocean, and even the sparkling swimming pool exude a rich summer nostalgia. These are the elegant and luxurious lifestyle of the upper class society.

Slim Aarons is more than happy to enjoy shooting "The beach decorated with beautiful, half-naked girls sunning in the tranquil sun", the lazy beauty of agate beside the swimming pool , sexy and swaying pose, become the heart of every girl. Not only is this scene full of retro high-end beauty, luxury and romance also overflow the picture.

The inspiration for the new series of Nana Jacqueline 2020 comes from this- American capitalist girl holiday style under the lens of Slim Aarons.

The Summer Of Glaze” translates to “Glaze Midsummer”. Because of this midsummer, every single item of Nana Jacqueline's new series is like Slim Aarons's work, which is still shining with the glazed glass after being cut by time . The exquisiteness, luxury, beauty, and heat are immortal.

In the evening when the solar terms changed in June, imagine the girl dressed in a delicate dress slowly appearing in the center of the lens under the sunset at the seaside. With the color of the sea and sky and the sound of the tide rising and falling gradually clear, in the mixed picture, Nana Jacqueline is the girl we reinterpret as the modern girl under the lens of Slim Aarons.

Silk as  the fabric theme of NANA JACQUELINE , this year incorporated into the exploration of different colors and materials. In addition to the black and white colors, the rosy summer enthusiasm and the clean and refreshing green are intertwined with each other. The sexy lace, light,  and gorgeous net yarn convey the heat of June.



The designer incorporated many details of the 90s into the new collection of the mid-summer 2020, showing a perfectly curvy corset and a pleated design that runs through "Summer Of Glaze" all the time to outline the traces of time.

The bandage and cutout design, which symbolizes the liberation of nature and search for freedom, also appeared in this season's new series, freed from the conservative and dull that could not be rid of in the nineteenth century. The classic collar; neck collar design and Eine Schulter puff sleeves are used to highlight the perfect neck lines, both pure and sexy.



The retro concave-convex jacquard fabric infiltrated with pearlescent silk thread is used as an embellishment in the summer to mix the romantic sentiment. 

The light and flexible print on the tulle is derived from the delicate wardrobe of the capitalist girl under the lens of Slim Aarons.


When the glow of the sunrise hotness awakened the tempting heart, this also awakened the "sleeping butterfly".


"Butterflies in the stomach", this romantic phrase describes a person falling in love. When the sun shines on the most shining thoughts and souls, even the butterflies are rendered by the summer comfort and beauty.


Through these, we are brought back to the scene shot by Slim Aarons in the 1990s. The one that penetrates deeper into the heart is the picture of carefree moments. Therefore, the “The Summer Of Glaze” series is matched with NJ advanced hand-limited full diamond three-dimensional accessories, giving the style more luxurious and noble.

NJ Fine Jewelry Series "FAVORED" also boldly uses this element.


The three specifications of zircon are shining brightly where you can see, embedding this bright hand-made NJ limited love earrings, when the butterflies are scattered around the heart, giving exquisite NJ Girls more grand beauty.

As Slim Aarons believes:
"The only one worth landing,
It should be the beach dotted with half-naked beautiful girls in the warm sunshine "


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