6 Summer Instagram Spots in L.A.

6 Summer Instagram Spots in L.A.

We're based in the beautiful city of Los Angeles and nothing is more California than summertime in L.A. From the best Instagram spots, delicious eats and iconic, historic landmarks, we'll show you all of what La La Land has to offer and how it has inspired some of our pieces.

1. Greystone Mansion and Park

This beautiful garden has a fantastic center fountain, giving you the perfect backdrop for all your photos. With beautifully maintenance landscape and gorgeous retro decor, the Greystone Mansion and Park is such a dreamy and romantic place to spend the day.

Source: Instagram

Garden Party Inspiration

Inspired by such an elegant and posh garden, we had the perfect vision for our Hollywood Glam Vintage Jacket and Skirt. This holiday series is the best of 90's vintage. The glamorous jacket pairs beautifully with the matching skirt. It is an exquisite ensemble and we love how the yellow color adds texture and playfulness.

2. NoMad Los Angeles

Located in Downtown Los Angeles on the corner of 7th and Oliver Street, the NoMad Hotel Downtown is a Neoclassical landmark with the sensibility of contemporary California design. The first NoMad was built in the 1920s in New York City's Giannini Palace as the headquarters for the Bank of Italy. Many adore the Venetian interior with elements of classical architecture in the vibrant city of Los Angeles City. 

Source: The NoMad Los Angeles

The fashionable style of the NoMad hotel has been sought after by many Hollywood stars. Even President Barack Obama has hosted a party in NoMad, New York.

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Let's not forget that 
Pershing Square is next door. This Spanish-inspired building is another great place to take that next IG shot.

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Pink Power Inspiration

The Pretty in Pink Blazer is a great piece to wear when out and about the streets of Los Angeles. Feminine styles particularly stand out against urban settings in a complementary way. We love this blazer because it can be styled for a more streetwear inspired look or ultra girly. 


3. Catch LA 

Catch LA is a well-known and popular restaurant for its seafood. It is the West Coast outpost of acclaimed New York restaurant, CATCH. This restaurant is the first choice for anyone that loves Asian cuisine. The garden-style layout with flowers and beautiful greenery makes Catch LA a very romantic and perfect dinner date spot. 

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Nothing is more L.A. than fun cocktails, swaying lights, delicious food, and the right music.

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Girls' Night Out in LA Inspiration

After a lovely dinner, what better way to start the fun than putting on the Golden Girl Crystal Silk Dress for a night out dancing. 

4. Glossier LA

We love Glossier not only for their beauty products but the LA store is absolutely darling! The iconic baby pink design makes shopping here aesthetically pleasing.

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Flossy & Glossy Inspiration

Wearing our favorite Glossier products gives us the confidence to be our most flossy and glossy selves. Our favorite piece that makes us feel sexy and confident is the Lexi French Lace Top (available in white and black).  


5. Madeline Garden Bistro & Venue

You'll love this palace style venue and its dreamy spiral staircases and gardens.  Not only does the high saturation decor and floor-to-ceiling curtains make for the perfect IG shot, but you will feel at your most posh and classy here. 

Source: Instagram

Evening Tea Inspiration

A play on 'Afternoon Tea,' our Evening Tea look was inspired by a moody, Tim Burton-esque tea party. Our favorite pieces for this look are the Natasha Blazer DressStella Mini Blazer, and Anatasia Velvet Evening Gown.


6. The Line Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Koreatown, the Line Hotel does a great job of incorporating the local characteristics of Los Angeles with its decor. Each room has large floor-to-ceiling glass and offers different views of LA. 

Source: Instagram

Summer Staycation Inspiration

The pool view on the top floor of the hotel is also very beautiful and wearing NJ pajamas can have you lounging in style.

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