NJ | Vintage cashmere coat, reinventing the 1950s classic

NJ | Vintage cashmere coat, reinventing the 1950s classic

The 1950s coat style is absolutely French romantic, elegant and charming It's amazing at a glance, and it's in mind. Those element designs that have come back from generation to generation are proven by time, Enduring for a long time, so it has the now popular Vintage style.




Nana Jacqueline is designing the new coat of the 2020 Holiday collection Follow the two most popular overcoat styles from 1950s-1970s-cocoon and silhouette Add to the trend of the current era Presents the charming elegance and fashion suitable for today Show the sexy charm of women in a new retro form


Cocoon Coat Created by Mr. Balenciaga in 1957, The mark is a round shoulder line, and the silhouette looks like a silkworm cocoon. The cocoon coats of that era were really high-class and beautiful. Subsequently, Cocoon-shaped coats began to occupy the covers of fashion magazines. Become a popular style all the rage.



Inspired by classic works, NJ designed this vintage woolen drop-shoulder coat. Cocoon-shaped design, with waist waist effect. Woolen design is the first choice for texture. Featured in four color combinations, you will instantly have a sense of luxury
The shoulder line is perfectly round, and the line is well inherited with a big V neckline at the neckline. The sleeve cage is also designed to be full and stiff, making the single product highly complete. It’s worth mentioning that the designer is still on the waistline, Added two Bling bling diamond buckles. Increase the retro flavor of the breasts, It also creates a low-key luxury for the whole. And after putting it on, Naturally brings out the effect of a strong aura. In this autumn and winter, such a shoulder-dropped cocoon coat is to increase personal aura,
A must-have item once and for all.
In fact, the popular profile of each time period is different. The more relaxed and slender straight silhouette reached its peak in the 1970s It is also the most suitable coat version for current fashion trends And at that time, there must be a tie on the waist. Straight profile + tie is simply the main CP at the time.
On this basis, NJ merged the lace with the coat, Created into the popular bathrobe style. In France, the bathrobe coat is the endorsement of traditional. French style. This design is not only a tribute to the classics, And on top of inheriting Vintage, Reshape the classics and create a retro that belongs to the new era.

100% wool, best friend in autumn and winter V-shaped lapel design Enhance the sense of hierarchy, create N multi-shape "Pinch" a thin waist with a wide tie. Easily show the graceful figure of women, elegant and noble




Whether it’s the classic cocoon-shaped coat for thousands of years, Still the bathrobe coat that has swept the world in the past two years. It’s all NJ to welcome this holiday, A specially designed classic. Our designers also carefully consider suitable for various occasions, Such as dinners, parties, appointments...



In addition to the traditional bare-legged coat and high heels, it shows elegance
Pairing with jeans is the same classic, but also more suitable for winter wear.



In fact, there are many ways to match these two coats. If you have any favorite NJ coat collocation, Let us know in the comments. 💗

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