NJ | Countdown to 2020 with NJ Girls around the world



In a blink of an eye, 2020 will pass Starting tomorrow, it will be a brand new year This year, too much happened Fortunately, I have dreams and hopes Spring will come


On the last day of 2020 And NJ Girls from all over the world Let's draw a perfect end to 2020 And take this as a starting point to welcome a better 2021.


Brazilian supermodel Gizele Oliveira

NJ 2020AW-Vintage Velvet Halter U-Neck Dress
Sexy wrapped in premium texture
A frown and a smile are amorous

Australian fashion blogger Renne



NJ 2020AW-White Ladies Faux Mink Fleece Jacket

White lovers surrounded by warmth Sweet and playful


American singer group Chloe x Halle



NJ 2019Holiday Hustle-Short coat with fur stitching A touch of blue in the ice world Is pure and beautiful And in their singing Incarnate as a sexy jumping note