NJ | Behind-The-Scenes of Our Private Influencer Event for Valentine’s Day

NJ | Behind-The-Scenes of Our Private Influencer Event for Valentine’s Day

Dreaming of Valentine’s Day 

Nana Jacqueline hosted a private influencer event at their Los Angeles pop-up to celebrate the holiday of love. Popular influencers from LA gathered to dress up, mingle, and take photos on NJ’s iconic heart-shaped bed that is styled for Valentine’s Day. Customers are welcome to swing by the shop to take photos with the Valentine’s Day decor until February 15th. 

Experience the romantic ambiance with Nana Jacqueline and see how some of LA’s finest influencers styled pieces that are both sexy and sweet.

Nezza, @babynezza

Nezza styles NJ with an edgy approach by adding a choker and pigtails. She wears the Airina Dress in White and hugs the Francesca Heart Pillow.

Aslay, @aslayy

Aslay took the Old Hollywood approach by pairing her jumpsuit with socks and heels. Aslay is featured wearing the Anya Jumpsuit.

Sab Zada, @pasabist

Sab styles NJ with a soft, romantic, princess vibe. Sab is featured wearing the Airina Dress in Blush Pink with the Amelia Fur Coat in Pink.

Savannah Sitton, Editor at Fashionista

Savannah dressed up her all-black attire with a tiara that elevates the look. Savannah is featured wearing the Black Blair Dress.

Emma Brooks, @emmabrooks

Emma’s style is charming and mysterious with the pair of lace gloves to accompany her lace dress. Emma is featured wearing the Black Lily Dress with the Black Lavine Gloves.

Gabi, @gabi 

Gabi takes a sophisticated, feminine approach in a statement set.

Uche Moxam, @unwosu 

Uche looks romantic and fierce in her red NJ duo. Uche is featured wearing the Airina Dress in Red with the Jilly Cover in Red.

Daphne Blunt (left), @daphneblunt

Daphne styled a baby pink mini dress that is designed with a dreamy wrap to take the elegance up a notch. Daphne is featured wearing the Celine Dress in Blush Pink.

Mina Marlena (right), @minamarlena 

Mina glows in a precious pink mini dress paired with a black flower choker. Mina is featured wearing the Airina Dress in Pink.

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