Nana Jacqueline | The second issue of NJ Girls TV Series, about the story of Fashion Manager Amanda Steele

Hi, I’m Amanda Steele and I’m here with Nana Jacqueline. My favourite thing about being my own boss and having my own brand is getting to live my dream every day! 



Even though I get exhausted, I get frustrated, at the end of the day I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing to wake up every day and be grateful for what you have and what your life is just makes even more amazing things come to you.


I have all my Halloween costumes planned. I keep up with the fashion industry by not, I realize when I’m focusing too much on trends and what’s cool, I just completely lose myself, so I stick to what I know as Amanda Steele.


My go to party look is black, silver, cat eye, and a wet hair look. My favourite Nana Jacqueline piece I’ve ever worn were the trousers, the black trousers with the little diamond on the side! The way that it complements your waist, and it is just me in a pant I think, I’m sad that I didn’t think of that idea.