Nana Jacqueline | 2021 New Holiday series has gorgeously launched, and Nana Jacqueline’s holiday countdown party is coming!

Our 2021 Holiday series "Countdown to Midnight" is designed to make all women feel good in a festive atmosphere turning expectations for the future into gorgeous, bold, and confident.


This season's design is inspired by NYC in the 70s, the bustling scene of every sleepless night. Let artists and fashion people be fascinated by their hearts by reshaping the 70s classic telling all women to own grace, luxury, and sexy charm and paying tribute to that crazy age. Immerse yourself with Nana Jacqueline now through the unparalleled beauty of the 70s. See two Victoria's Secret supermodels perform the countdown party before the holiday. 🎉


Nana Jacqueline combines the passion, power, and freedom of the 70s. Join the design concept of the 2021 Holiday series through micro-transparent mesh, bright silk material, glossy satin, and other materials. Interpret the vibrant youthful vitality and continue to use Nana Jacqueline classic elements-lace, diamond chain combined with a halter neck, chest tie, and puff sleeves. Other retro detail designs are integrated into the series of dress skirts.

Let 70’s Glamour be a very feminine image with a more modern interpretation. With exquisite pearls and sequins let the shiny skirt drape more to highlight the body line.


Imagine this is the Holiday Countdown party with your besties except for the ticking of the bell. Also brought by to you by Nana Jacqueline confidence, anticipation, and romance. 🌹


Nana Jacqueline 2021 Holiday Collection "Countdown to Midnight" bring the girls back to the crazy 70s and boldly show your own fashion and sexy side🌹




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