Love What I Love
"Women will take care of each other, we have each other's support"
- Nana Jacqueline

Giving tribute to the inspiration and muses of our Love What I Love collection. Taking it back to early 90s and two supermodels and fashion icons who have been beautiful for half a century. Cindy Crawford & Claudia Schiffer



Let our two NJ GIRLs Top American supermodels Carolina Marie and Bianca Finch Lead us into Nana Jacqueline 90’s Modern Retro World


Be your own agent and make your own decisions, I hope that we use clothing as a carrier this season. We want to bring vitality and confidence through this Nana Jacqueline collection. While showcasing the beautiful natural curves of the female body. Exuding the unique charm and sexiness of the NJ Girl




In this series, our mission was to create a contradiction. The tough silhouette and the romantic color outline presents a seemingly strong sexy and romantic female with girly feelings.





There was use of structural changes including, concave-convex shape structure, clothing structure and asymmetry. Incorporating many details from the 90s into the gorgeous fabric texture of the clothing, while injecting retro elements into every piece.



In our autumn/winter collection our model NJ Girl takes you back to the modern 90s.