Stand By Me | A Collection for Lovers

Stand By Me | A Collection for Lovers

On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month every year, Chinese Valentine's Day is widely celebrated by lovers in the East. It is known as the most romantic festival in Chinese culture.

In the spirit of love and romance, Nana Jacqueline presents the special limited series, Stand By Me, a collection made for lovers.

In many cultures around the world, the rose is considered to be the 'Queen of Flowers.' There are many legends surrounding the creation of the rose, but its importance remains the same throughout history and time. A symbol of romance and beauty, the rose possesses many different meanings depending on its color, but its central theme is rooted in love

Inspired by the various colors of love, the Stand By Me Collection was created for lovers seeking beauty, romance, and intimacy. We have designed two categories of silk pajamas; his and hers, to offer lovers something special that can be shared in their most intimate space.  

Give your sweetheart a gift to remember by you. Nothing says, Be Mine, more than a special pair of pajamas. From the moment your lover wears the pajamas to the moment it slips off the body, you will linger in their minds. 

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Embroidery customization is available by special order only. 


Just like a rose, no woman is created the same. We are all beautiful, sexy, and magical in our own ways. The pieces for her in the Stand By Me Collection are represented by three primary colors: black (red rose), pink (pink rose), and white (yellow rose).

These colors were inspired by the meaning of a particular rose to symbolize the different characteristics of a woman's sensuality. 

Which rose are you?

Red Rose

The Red Rose is the Queen of all Roses and we have chosen to interpret this meaning with the color black. If you are drawn to this dark shade, you are passionate and bold; a woman who demands to be the one and only for her lover. 



Pink Rose

The Pink Rose represents sweetness and innocence. Inspiring nostalgic feelings of first love, the pieces in this collection that are pink will speak to the romantic girl who loves to be in love. 

Yellow Rose

For the Yellow Rose, which symbolizes joy and delight, we have interpreted this meaning in the colors, white and champagne. This style is for the delicate and elegant girl who is patiently waiting for the right love.  

No matter the color that resonates with you the most, every piece for her in the Stand By Me Collection was created with the highest quality of silk. We believe in creating luxury through quality and designing clothes that not only look beautiful on the skin but is gentle to the touch. 


We believe that both men and women should feel confident and comfortable in and out of the bedroom. We, women, understand the luxury that is offered by quality clothing that is made from only the highest quality materials, and as women, we want to share what makes us feel good with our lovers.

Introducing the "Mr. C" limited series in the Stand By Me Collection. We have designed velvet robes and silk pajama sets in three colors for him.


Pajama Set


Velvet Robe

Love should always be celebrated, which is we have designed the Stand By Me Collection for this romantic, special occasion. Whether that is self-love, romantic love, or passionate love, we seek to express these emotions with clothing that encourages the most intimate and sensual aspects of our being. 

For a limited time only, our Stand By Me Collection is available to shop. For extra love, we offer special embroidery customization to elevate your pieces. 

Purchase the Nana Jacqueline Mystery Box and receive a complimentary eye mask and storage bag. 

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