La Princesita | The Fairytale Behind the Spring Collection

La Princesita | The Fairytale Behind the Spring Collection

"La Princesita" is the latest Nana Jacqueline collection and is inspired by the famous fairy tale "Princess in the Attic".

Once upon a time, there was a king and queen who gave birth to a beautiful little princess, but she lost her parents when she was very young. People in the town thought she was an unknown symbol so they put her in the attic; she lived alone in the floral attic, but the little princess was still well dressed, kind, lovely, and often gave her food to the poor children..


Nana Jacqueline has designed the new collection around this character of the little princess and the floral loft that she lived in. In terms of color, pretty shades of pale pink, goose yellow, & sky blue we incorporated. This colour selection is inspired to make you feel the breathy, light and beautiful this spring/summer . The fabric chosen adds details of stitching, overlapping of floral, lace, and silk. This adds to a sweet and gentle feeling.
The design elements showcase fluffy skirts, puff sleeves, and princess collars. The perfect features to convey the complex playful girly style.


For the shooting location, we specifically selected a century-old rose estate in Paris, France, using the film shooting technique demonstrates its aesthetic concept of literary retro.

These designs are intertwined with moving fairy tales and poetic feelings. The poured retro elements will become a classic continuation of NJ's romantic style.

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