On Holiday in London with Nana Jacqueline

On Holiday in London with Nana Jacqueline

Transition from fall leaves to festive dreams with Nana Jacqueline’s Holiday Collection, A Love Letter to London. Inspired by the gatherings and galas of royal affairs, Nana Jacqueline dreamed up a chapter that encompasses glitz, glam, and undeniable grace. This collection remains true to the brand with romantic and luxury designs that will accompany you for every big moment and celebration this holiday season. Spend the most wonderful time of year in extravagant dresses, bold capes, royal gowns, divine coats, and beyond. There’s an opportunity to make magic happen.

Bright tones are eye-catching in the thick night of London, England.

The edge of the brightly lit street light features the late crowd exiting an unforgettable night, depicting a movie-like dream.

Environmentally-friendly fur and a short shawl design offers a gorgeous retro charm that can’t be overlooked.

The beauty of London among us.

History, ambiance, and darling company.

Dressed in elegant evening clothes with fluffy plush and posh details.

The contrast between different materials creates gorgeous layers that resemble royalty.

The Christmas season is full of love and miracles.

Get ready to dress up and enjoy the festivities all around.

Dress in rich colors that resemble hot red wine, and warm materials that keep you cozy like a fireplace.

Gorgeous dresses designed to catch eyes and exude confidence. 

Streamer velvet and luxurious fur collar are wrapped in a graceful creation.

Supplemented by exquisite and dazzling diamond buckles and hats for added luxury.

Rich colors add gorgeous visual impact to autumn and winter.

The body of the dress hugs the figure and the hanging neck design adds a retro element.

Radiance is undeniable.

Orange and black contrasting colors make for a dreamy seasonal staple.

Dress up or dress down to fit the occasion. 

Find yourself reaching for it again and again as your transition through seasons.

Become the absolute protagonist of the dinner party.

A charming evening dress that deserves all the attention.

The colorful customized gold and silver yarn shines with a luxurious texture, like wonderful notes playing a brilliant rhythm.

Fashionable and elegant knitting suits are born to be the muses of this season.

The slim design complements the graceful curves, covered with exquisite and dazzling shiny silk lines.

Featuring ostrich hair cuffs, the beauty with each walk is undeniable.

The suit is undoubtedly a must-have temperament item for fashion girls.

Fresh and sweet pink take the scene, breaking the rules of design and sweeping away the dullness of autumn and winter.

Your invitation to a luxurious winter party.

Recreate the gorgeous atmosphere of the 1980s.

Chic and flamboyant bobcat patterns pour out on soft and delicate environmentally-friendly fur.

Elegant, high-end and wild are the way this season.

She is like a gem, shining bright and bold.

The cat-eye chest full of diamonds outlines curves wrapped in velvet.

Be the breathtaking black rose hidden under the big shawl.

Capture the fleeting romance and brilliance.

Charming hot diamonds shaped like fireworks shine brightly on velvet.

The luxury of simple design is an eye-catching highlight.

Just the right vintage and elegance for a seasonal staple.

The prelude to winter has begun.

Elegant suit skirts with fur shoulder details make the perfect pairing.

Full of modern and retro romance, add a bold necklace to make the ultimate statement.

Give this evening dress all the reverie about romance.

Black velvet collides with a pink bra in a tasteful way.

The ultra-long trailing shawl dances over the gloves, dreaming up a gorgeous, exquisite and vivid elegance together.

Harmonious and full of life this season, make a lasting impression.

Neutral perfection. 

Neat and exquisite lines combined with ingenious inspiration design create a unique cloak-style jacket.

The shiny luster of the metal buckle adds a luxurious texture to the shape. 

A one-of-a-kind closet addition.

The soft goose yellow is like the bright sunshine in autumn and winter.

Half gentle and elegant, half constructed, this dreamy piece features multi-layer folds and cuffs to create eye-catching highlights.

Shine on the streets, wherever you go.

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