NJ 2022 Midsummer Series |Incontra l'Italia

NJ 2022 Midsummer Series |Incontra l'Italia

Nana Jacqueline Summer 2022
Introducing Incontra l'Italia
This season’s midsummer collection comes to you from the beautiful Italian island of Sicily. A bright and shining pearl on the Mediterranean Sea, this collection takes inspiration from the romantic sea and fanciful flowers to bring the beautiful destination to you.
The sun shines on the coast of Italy. We paired silk with sparkling pearls and loose, lace fabrics that flow in the wind. The stunning combination of coral pink, pure white, and sparkling silver. Everything you need for a romantic summer excursion. 
The bold collision of vibrant colors and irregular tailoring for enchanting summer fashion. Get a panoramic view of the warm and charming Italian island. 

Find pieces inspired by vibrant flowers dancing along the sea, sparkling zirconia dazzling in the sun, and delicate, soft pleats that mirror the graceful waves. Dazzling treasures can be discovered under the sea.
Mysterious and sexy purple makes a statement while pure white paired with puff sleeves blend in among the sea in Sicily. Channel the refreshing and laid-back atmosphere of a tropical vacation. 

Transparent mesh lace with cut-outs in all the right places. Delicately-designed dresses that beautifully hug your curves. The sparkling starfish diamond buckle shines bright and bold. On the streets of Taormina, where the aroma of first-ripening fruit lingers in the air, NJ girls are found in the season’s latest styles.
A wonderful combination of soft silk and brilliant prints. Flashing high-level romance and fanciful feelings. The collection’s light and flexible streamers dance with you in the wind while you imagine an island excursion. It’s every girl’s dream.

Shop NJ’s 2022 Midsummer Vacation Collection! Introducing Incontra l'Italia.  A sparkling jewel in the Mediterranean Sea, this collection represents the fantasy, allure, and charm that Sicily has to offer. 

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