NJ | 2021 Autumn / Winter collection "Meet Me In The City"

NJ | 2021 Autumn / Winter collection "Meet Me In The City"



The design and production team of this season's collection is stunning.


Lemeka Fox- is one of the hottest fashion models in the U.S. She’s walked the runway in Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows from 2016 to 2018. 

Dutch supermodel, Daphne Groeneveld is also a long time favorite in the high fashion industry. She’s worked with Givency and Jill Stuart and is the face of the Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Fragrance brand.

NJ worked with two top supermodels and an A-List production team for this season’s collection.  

The NJ team shot the 2021 Autumn and Winter collection on the streets of NYC. This season’s design is inspired by street fashion in the 90s. NJ added the leisure and comfort wearing style concept advocated by the 90s fashion industry to the 2021 AW Collection, by emphasizing the self-confidence and strength of women by reshaping the classics of the 90s.

NJ cashmere coat and wool jacket


From the 90s runway to the streets of New York City. 


Pieces from this collection are inspired by formal wear of the 90s, reinvented to bring classic elegance into street fashion. This collection combines faux furs and sequins to create the classic 90s glam style.  


The collection includes sexy, eye-catching pieces including hollow dresses and see-through tops - a classic staple in 90s fashion.

Imagine running through the streets of New York wrapped in a cozy cashmere coat under the bright lights of the city.

Watch the Autumn / Winter collection and view the new look book. You won’t want to miss it! 🌹

Nana Jacqueline 2021 AW Collection | Meet Me In The City

Bringing back the street classics of the 90s


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