Halo is Here: 2023 Resort Collection

Halo is Here: 2023 Resort Collection

“Why not dare yourself to become a shining positive light where darkness is the only thing known?”

The Story: 

Halo is here. Inspiration comes from the hope that manifests during the deepest moments of life. Black, the main color of the series, depicts the dusk before dawn and the silence before an awakening. The golden halo serves as the lucky ring that leads us to break through the haze of darkness. Dazzling like gold, the luminous light will be bright in time. 

The journey to self-love happens within. We work to feel empowered and sexy in our own skin, allowing every detail of our bodies to tell a story. May the world embrace us in our quest to show off our vulnerabilities and dress for the gaze of grace. Let all time surrender to romance. No matter how long the night is, this halo will shine. 

The Inspiration: 

The inspiration behind Halo stems from the idea that you can find a light within yourself, even in the darkness. Coming out of wintertime and into one of the sunniest seasons of the year, the Halo collection aims to be a beacon of light and hope, while dark colors are still the foundation. This collection is filled with sexy, sleek pieces that inspire you to be confident in your own skin.

The Collection:


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